Give Online


We now have the capability for individuals to make contributions and donations to the church using their personal PayPal accounts. Here's how:


Log into your personal PayPal account. You will see the menu bar across the top of the page. Select "Send & Request".


You now see 4 radio buttons titled: Pay for Goods or Services, Send Money to Friends and Family, Request Money, Create Invoice. Select: Send Money to Friends and Family. This is a no charge transaction when paid through your linked bank account or existing PayPal funds.


You will now see a screen that prompts for an email address and the amount of your contribution. In the email address, enter: and the amount of your contribution. Click the "Next" button.


You will now see a "Review & Confirm" screen. At the top you will see a drop down box that indicates what Your Paying With (bank account, credit card, etc.) Important: If you pay with your linked bank account or your existing PayPal balance there are no charges for sending this money. If you pay with a credit/debit card there will be fees to pay.

You will see a summary of your transaction directly below. There is a box directly below the summary for adding a note which is optional. Always put an entry in the note box describing what this contribution is for: I.E., Tithe, Celebrate Recovery, Benevolence, Women's Ministry, etc. If there is no entry in the box, the money will be automatically put into the general fund as a tithe.

Click the "Send" button and you are done. You will receive an email stipulating that you sent $XXX.XX dollars to The Harbour UMC and also stating what that contribution was for.