Mark Williams

Mark Williams

, Senior Pastor

Born June 7, 1961 in Plattsburg, New York

Graduated from Hermitage High School in Virginia in 1981.  I worked at a few fast food
places in High school and out, then entered the Army on a delayed entry program in

I Served 6 years in the U.S. Army as an infantry non-commissioned officer mostly with
the 101 st and a little while as an instructor at Ft McLellan Alabama before I exited.  I
thank God for all peacetime service.

I then worked at the Victoria Inn in Anniston, AL.  And a few other short term jobs
before I started a career as a Dance Teacher.

I began a career as a dance teacher with Fred Astaire Studios in Huntsville AL in 1989
Married my wife Pam in 1990.  We purchased a Fred Astaire Studio in Hot Springs in
1991.  We went independent and owned Dancenter Dance Studio from 1997-2011.  I
continue to teach Ballroom Dancing as a hobby and am currently teaching a couple in my
home studio as well as at STEM Christian Academy 8-12 th graders, about 20 kids.
Pam and I have been married for 27 years.  Our family includes her two sons: Scott and
Ben and 4 grandchildren, Payton, Cayla, Ian, and Evan.  4 great-grandchildren Ella, Eva,
Owen and Xander.  Christine, my daughter has given us 4 grandchildren, Trinity Grace,
Draven, Jamaica, Jamal Jr. Just ask me, and I’ll be glad to show pictures of all the family!
In 2000, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Pam and I decided to renew our
relationship with God.  Pam was baptized and we joined Gardner United Methodist
Church.  In 2001 I shared with Rev. Bruce Howard that I felt called to pastoral ministry.
My journey to become a local pastor in the United Methodist Church began with two
years in the Candidacy program as well as leadership roles in the church.  Rev. Howard
served as my assigned mentor and I worked as a Lay Speaker and Youth Director for
Gardner UMC.  During this time of hands-on training and ministry I completed the
necessary requirements and attained my License to Preach.  I completed my 10 year
Course of Study Program from Southern Methodist University in Dallas (Perkins)
through the extension at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in 2012.

My first appointment in the United Methodist Church was effective June 1, 2003 at Piney
Grove UMC as Associate Pastor and blessed to work with a new mentor, the Rev. Dr. Randy
Rowlan and three years later the Rev. R. David Jones. I served in this appointment
four years total.

My second appointment in 2007 was a two point charge at Faith/Morning Star as senior
pastor.  I had 2 mentors during that appointment, Rev. Ted Deweese and Rev.R. David
Jones.  It was three and a half years of learning, loving, and good ministry.
My next appointment was a trip home.  I went to Gardner UMC October, 2011. During
my there we have had significant growth in attendance and membership.  We were
honored with the Small church of the year for this district in 2012.
In 2013 I was blessed and excited to share whatever gifts, talents, and grace God has
given us in another two point charge.  Combining Diamondhead Community Church and
Gardner UMC.

I have been serving at St. Paul UMC in Huntsville since 2015.  In that time we have gone
from 1 service to 4.  Including Traditional, Kingdom Blend dinner/worship.  Iglesias
Española, and a bi-lingual multi-cultural 5 th Sunday service.  From July 2017 to date we
have gone from an average worship attendance of 54 in May of 2017 to an AWA 0f 90 as
of 4/7/18.  We’ve see 16 new members and last week had 157 views on our FB live
stream.  Sorry, I’m proud of the lay Leadership because it’s more their story than mine.
In the last 17 years of service in ministry I found my strengths to be preaching, pastoral
care, new ministry starts, the ability to delegate authority, and empower the local body of
Christ. All this is a gift of love from God!

I am genuinely excited to work with lay leadership and staff at The Harbor to further the
Kingdom of God as we share all the blessings God has in store for our community and
growing congregation.

With Love in Christ
Pastor Mark Williams

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