Penny McCormick

Penny McCormick

, Secretary/Treasurer - Administrative Assistant

If you ever need a tire changed, call Penny. If you need prayers, call Penny. Every church has that one person, the one who knows all the ins and outs and keeps the pastor in order. For The Harbour, it’s Penny. She’s our minion-loving administrative assistant who keeps everyone in check.

When she was a child, her grandfather was a truck driver. He taught all his grand-kids the same lesson, and any girl who has boy cousins knows that you can’t let them win. So, Penny learned to change the tire of an 18-wheeler at a young age. It’s pretty cool if you ask us.

These days she’s the proud mother of two very different kids. Her daughter is a nurse and her son works at PPG in the aerospace division.

In 2012, God gave her a good push, a Godly slap-upside the head, telling her to go into ministry. When God calls, you have to answer. Since then, she’s been the brains behind the operation. If you’re new to the church, look for Penny at the door of the congregation. She’ll most likely be the first person you meet.

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